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Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape  v.1

Right Hairstyle For Your Face Shape 1 is designed to bring users the right way

Saving Face  v.1.2

Saving Face 1.2 is a program doing the task of creating X-Face headers to encode a small bitmap as ASCII for inclusion in news postings and mail

Zizisoft Face Transformer  v.3.0

Zizisoft Face Transformer is an online service that can change your face gradually into another. Unlike any other morphing providers, you dont have to install software on your computer. Simply provide two images and our server will generate the

Face Control plug-in  v.1.1

Face Control plug-in allows you to change facial expressions of people in the digital photos. It is very easy-to-use freeware program. Human, animal, alien, or any other faces are

Faint - The Face Annotation Interface  v.1.0

Java framework for face detection and face recognition based on different plugin and filter types. Includes Eigenfaces in pure Java, OpenCV detection via JNI, integration of the Web Service, skin color filter, Adobe XMP Export and a nice

Free Open FTP Face  v.0.99.5

Free Open FTP Face is a graphical (GTK+) FTP client written in Python. Its emphasis is on simplicity and convenience. It is multiplatform, easy to use, has a built in text viewer, image viewer, audio player, checksums, and one-click

Real Time Face Tracking and Recognition  v.0.2rc2

Real time face tracking and recognition refers to the task of locating human faces in a video stream and identifying the faces by matching them against the database of known

Face Paint  v.1.0

Face Paint is an extension to JavaServer Faces that use Extensible Style Sheet for rendering views. The kit does not add any new layers to JSF, thus allow any developer accustomed to JSF to ramp up quickly.

Java webcam face-hand tracking  v.1.0

Integrated with JMF, ImageJ pacakages, the project aims at online tracking and segmentation of face and hand under controlled background.

Face tracking for MR  v.1.0

This is the project for Mixed Reality, with face tracking and VR interface. The first will track the face using camera or webcam. The interface will using wii remote. The main project is to mixed between this 2.

Picasa Face Tags to Pictures  v.1.0

Picasa can tag your pictures with faces and geo coordinates. faces2pictures writes the face and geo tags into the files.

Ann-face-recog  v.1.0

Artificial neural network with eigenfaces for face recognition

Face Detector  v.1.0

Program to detect human faces on a digital picture. It uses a MLP neural net that receive relative distances from face distribution clusters of the image space. Written in C++. Requires newmat and libann libraries.

Face Detect (JavaCV)  v.1.0

A simple Face detection program using JavaCV and OpenCV . Implementing facial feature extraction and face recognition.

3D to 2D Face Recognition  v.1.0

Simple face recognition software. Allows for ordinary user and super user. Based on Qt, OpenCV and MySQL database. Client/Server.

CamTrack Face Tracker  v.1.0

A face tracking system for user interface control and development.This software is designed to determine face position and orientation in real time using an inexpensive webcam, allowing navigation of a GUI using head movement.

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